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Mon - Sat 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM

237 E 194th St, Bronx, NY

Reviews about FreeDom Driving School

Marie Nichols

Thanks for providing me with a car to pass my road test! It was not brand new but clean, reliable and in a very good state. It was responsive to the steering wheel. I passed my test and am allowed to drive now. I appreciate your punctuality, pricing and the quality of customer service.

Andrea Johnson

In this school, youll get prepared for any situation on the road. I have to drive mostly during rush hours and I feel ok because I know how to behave. I also often have to park my hatchback in unusual places, squeezing it between other vehicles or buildings. There are no scratches on my cars body because my instructor was so smart and talented.

Mark Green

The driving teachers are very professional and friendly. But Id like to particularly emphasize the client-orientedness of managers! I had to change my initial plans twice because of my busy working schedule. The managers were extremely helpful and arranged things in the most convenient way for me. They only asked me to warn them about any potential changes as early as possible. Its a perfect driving school for busy individuals.

Richard Brown

Thank you for your assistance in scheduling my DMV test! Otherwise, I might have failed to pass it that fast — and I needed it so badly. You seem to be true professionals in the driving education niche. The communication skills of your team members deserve special praise. People, dont hesitate to use the services of this school!

Elsie Nelson

In my opinion, its a top driving school. Im a nervous person. I felt stressed when I took a seat behind the steering wheel for the first time. My driving teacher Dan calmed me down better than a psychologist! I overcame my fear of high speed and learned how to use the brakes smoothly. I got my license four months ago and I havent had any accidents since then.

Ann Romero

My two daughters and I completed driving courses at this school last Spring. We chose it because it was the closest one to our house – but it turned out to be genuinely the best. My daughters and I have different characters and what works well with one person fails to deliver results with the other one. However, we all got our driving licenses on the first try, which was amazing!

John Jackson

I chose this one because of its location and numerous positive reviews. I can confirm that these reviews were spot-on. The managers answer peoples questions very comprehensively and flexibly react to customer queries. The driving instructors are attentive to every detail and prepare their students well for the test. I liked it.

Charles Graham

Before I contacted this school, I had basic driving skills. But I was afraid of performing selected elements — most of all, uphill, downhill and parallel parking. I explained my situation to the instructor and he fixed my issues. Besides, he corrected my manner of holding the wheel and positioning my fingers on it. Thank you so much, that was precious!

Lawrence Thompson

I appreciated the flexibility of the training process. I had to reschedule some classes because or a business force majeure. Every time, the managers were understanding and supportive. I completed my driving education slightly later than I expected — but it didnt lead to big surcharges or any other surprises. Only positive impressions.

Debra Arnold

Im so happy the license is in my pocket! I highly recommend these driving courses to the readers of my review. Every step of the training process is well thought out. The classes are entirely safe and highly informative. The staff is knowledgeable and polite. Honestly, I have absolutely nothing to complain about.

Lester Ball

Im 52 years old and I thought I might be too old to drive… But I enjoyed every class! These people know how to work with clients of all ages. I felt psychologically comfortable and it was easy for me to grasp both the theory and practice. Im a proud owner of a drivers license now.

David Russell

Ive just passed my DMV road test with a perfect score, on the first attempt. Im so proud and happy about it! I slept only six hours the night before because I felt nervous. Even in such a state, I performed well. I can confirm its a worthy driving school. They will provide you with valuable consultations and will enable you to enhance your driving skills. That was fantastic, guys!

Walter Gregory

I decided to take driving classes at the last moment. I wasnt sure whether there would be available slots — but fortunately, the managers found some for me. I started from scratch and I barely knew how to start the engine. I memorized information well thanks to the smart teaching methodology. Im glad I found time for these classes!

Robin Roberson

I rate this school with five stars. The first star is for the convenient schedule of driving classes. The second one is for the professionalism of the managers. The third one is for the driving instructors who are so patient, positive-minded and articulate. The fourth is for assistance with planning the driving tests. And the fifth star is for the prices that are affordable for such service quality.

Linda Castro

This is what I call high-quality education. All the staff is committed and focused. I felt progress after every class. Both the theoretical and the practical parts were very helpful. Originally, I thought I might take private driving classes with an instructor after I get my driving license. But in fact, I dont need it. At this school, they taught me everything I needed to know and provided enough practice.

Pearl Johnson

A vey demanding colleague recommended this driving school to me. Indeed, the classes were even more exciting than I expected. Everything was very well organized and the prices were reasonable. They explained to us what to expect from the driving test so I didnt feel nervous at all. Thanks for the decent educational services!

James Hart

Excellent driving school for organized people. Here, they wont waste your time and nerves. Every minute is worth its price. From the onset, they explain to you how the teaching process will unfold and they stick to this plan meticulously. I wasnt afraid of the driving test because they prepared me well for it.

Daniel Hamilton

My instructor Alex made me passionate about driving. He loves cars and has a talent for explaining things. The managers who consulted me about the prices and the schedule were incredibly helpful too. Im happy with my studies. Next year, my younger brother will go to this driving school too. If possible, he would like to learn with Alex too.

Daniel Benson

I liked everything about this school: the location, the prices, the classes and the attitude of the instructors. In the beginning, my progress was slow. But thanks to Bill, my instructor, I managed to improve. Our last classes were particularly memorable for me because I felt 100% stress-free and self-assured. Its such a delight that I dont have to wait for a bus anymore…

Alice Sanders

Thank you so much, guys! I cant stop praising your tolerance and your personalized approach. Previously, I could only ride a bike. Now, I confidently drive a SUV. My instructor never criticized me when I did something wrong and I never felt inferior. The vibes were always positive and I felt motivated.